A Pigs Life -- At the Beach

A Pig’s Life

Why do people stare at me when I go to the beach? Ok, so I’m a little overweight: but who isn’t these days? And what’s so unusual about a pig at the beach? Dog’s go to the beach–even cats sometimes.

Pacific Beach is my favorite beach–I went there yesterday with my papa. I like the green grass on the knoll overlooking Tourmaline–tastes awesome. I can watch surfers and have a snack. And my belly gets scatched when I walk around.

The sun finally came out–now I gotta be careful not to get burned. And it gets hot for me–wish I could go in the water but pigs can’t swim. I bet I could float real good though.

I get a little lonely sometimes–the dogs won’t play with me. They bark, sniff and circle around, but when I run after them they get scared. Same with little kids–sometimes I make them cry. I don’t mean to but I guess I look kinda scary.

So, I mosey around, eat some grass and watch the surfers–and they watch me.

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