About the Beach

About the Beach

The beach is transformative. It makes girls prettier, guys manlier, adults younger and kids happier. I don't know why--it just does.

The beach is the definition of freedom. When you're there--you are free. Free to be something different--even if only for an hour or two. The world takes a break and for a few moments all the possibilities in life open up. Pay attention to this--it is your true voice speaking to you.

There is no time at the beach. But there are sunrises and sunsets, low tides and high tides, cool days and warm days. Ever notice how difficult it is to pay attention to a watch or clock at the beach? Forget them. It's time to go home when your heart says so.

Visit the beach with a special friend or family member--your relationship will grow stronger. Your guard lets down and your heart softens.

There are many beautiful places in this world--and then there's the beach.

John Rogers

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