La Jolla Children’s Pool Wildlife

When my friends and relatives visit from out of town, the first place I take them is La Jolla Children’s Pool also known as “Casa Beach.” La Jolla Children’s Pool, which is really a man-made cove, is the best place in San Diego to get up-close-and-personal with wildlife and sea creatures.

Harbor Seals and California Sea Lions sun themselves on the soft, warm sand and the surf-sculpted basalt rock formations that surround the beach. Look for cute baby seals and sea lions during the December to May pupping season. For extra close-up looks and photographs, we like to walk to the end of the sea wall. From this vantage point the seals and sea lions are sometimes just a few feet away. Keep an eye on the surf unless you like getting sprayed with ocean water.

Brown pelicans and Cormorants roost on the sandstone cliffs on the land side of the cove. This is also where La Jolla’s famous ground squirrels like to hang out and beg for a free snack.

The best thing about La Jolla Children’s Pool is: after you’re done looking at wildlife–lunch or afternoon drinks are just a short walk away in La Jolla Village. Enjoy ocean views on the glassed-terrace of Georges at the Cove with fresh seafood cooked California style. Or settle into a quiet, comfortable table in a quaint eatery on Prospect Street—maybe gourmet sandwiches or Mediterranean fare.

Sometimes my family stays at the La Jolla Inn which is just a couple blocks from Children’s Pool and close to all La Jolla Village shopping and dining. It’s a cute, boutique hotel which has remarkably reasonable rates especially during the off-season. But as we locals know: there really is no off-season in San Diego!

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