Torrey Pines Looking North

A Morning With Sun

The sun is shining at the beach this morning—first time in weeks. It would be easy to cook-up a batch of contrived metaphors comparing our recent cloudy days and subsequent emergence of the sun to the thread of life which often follows a similar course. So easy in fact—that’s precisely what I’m going to do…

There is an ebb and flow to life—just the like the ocean and beaches. Darks days come—we’ve all had them. Sometimes it’s hard to see through the fog of pain, disappointment or fear. But the sun will shine again—it always does. And if it’s not shining for you—go to the beach or find “your” beach—that place that takes you away from the cloudy routine that binds you to unhappiness.

The beach is not a serious place. It’s a place to go easy, step away and reflect a little–clearing your head of those enduring thoughts that take you nowhere.

There’s a pathway along the San Diego River channel that heads east from Ocean Beach. It doesn’t really lead anywhere, but it takes you away from that place you’d rather not be. In this channel, the ocean and river play a rhapsody with currents of water that struggle to find their place. In between are birds and wildlife who manage to find homes among reeds and bushes the water twists around.

Sometimes you just need to drag your toes across the sand, splash some spray of foamy seawater or whistle to the winds that blow off shore. Sublime moments are the ones you remember—and need the most.

Alongside these ephemeral thoughts lie the kernels of multi-colored intuition that guides you to places your mind steers away from. These are the places that lead to soulful happiness and the type of prosperity that requires no money or credit card.

Sitting pretty while the waves roll ashore
Today, there is no need to tell me why I am alive
In other places, the heart cannot survive
But this place endures and I need more

Forget about tomorrow. Today is perfect.

John Rogers

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